Saturday, 9 May 2015

Death Sentence #Thriller - @SherylBrowne on Pre-order now! #ASMG #Bookboost #Books

It’s finally here! Already reviewed by a top Amazon Reviewer at BestSelling Thrillers and given a glowing FIVE
review, my new thriller Death Sentence is available for PRE-ORDER on Kindle now!

For info, the title of the book was suggested by a chief constable, no less, who also kind offered me advice on forensics and police procedure. 

Fancy a little peek at the video?

Want to know more?

The book is only click away. Death Sentence: an edge-of-your seat story of revenge. You can get your copy on:

And other Amazon domains.

I hope you’re tempted. I really hope you enjoy.

Have a lovely rest of your day all!

Keep safe.

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