Monday, 9 February 2015


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I’d like to thank Melanie Robertson-King for nominating me. Melanie blogs at Celtic Connexions.
Three people/things that inspired me during the past few weeks:

  • Sharon Goodwin – a lovely person and fabulous blogger at Jera’s Jamboree who not only inspired me to get my new blog up and running but took my hand and guided me through the jungle that is html. Sharon spent an inordinate amount of time and, with considerable patience, helped me set up my new template. I owe Sharon a huge debt of gratitude. Ta, Sharon!
  • Receiving my edits back from Choc Lit. I am super-pleased and can honestly say I feel the book is majorly improved. The Rest of My Life comes soon from Choc Lit – where heroes are like chocolate – irresistible.
  • My partner. Yup, him, the man. Those of you who know me will know he has a worrying time ahead of him. Due for an operation this very Valentine’s Day (he’ll do anything to get out of it, I swear), he remains totally positive. Awe-inspiring indeed.
  • Oh, and … can I have a fourth? …I am now a proud member of the Crime Writers’ Association. Am inspired, particularly as I’ve just completed my second thriller, the title of which, Death Sentence, was chosen by a Chief Constable, no less. No, I didn’t coerce him.

My nominees for The Very Inspiring Blogger Awards are:

Jera’s Jamboree – Living in a Book World.
Best Chick – the best in women’s fiction.
Natalie Kleinman – Freelance Writer
Reviewed the Book – Romance Blogger of the Year 2014 – Festival of Romantic Fiction
Supportive Business Mums - Dedicated to supporting small businesses
authors and talented creatives.

There are so many hugely inspiring bloggers out there I could go on, but then we’d be here all day. Have a lovely one all! 

Keeps safe!

Lots of love,


Friday, 6 February 2015

Sharing: THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC by Caroline Fardig!

THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC is the second book in THE LIZZIE HART MYSTERIES series.  It is the sequel to Caroline Fardig’s bestselling debut novel, IT’S JUST A LITTLE CRUSH. 

Lizzie Hart is back—snooping, lying, and chick-fighting to uncover the truth, hoping not to break any hearts along the way…especially her own.

That Old Black Magic…will it put Lizzie under its spell?

Book Description:

Lizzie Hart hoped her first day back at work after nearly being killed would be uneventful.  No such luck.  Before she can finish her morning coffee, Lizzie and her co-workers find a dead body on the rooftop of their office.  Media vultures that they are, the Liberty Chronicle employees are psyched to have first-hand news to report.  Lizzie, however, is devastated when she realizes that the victim is her ex-boyfriend’s brother.

When evidence begins piling up against one of Lizzie’s friends, she reluctantly dons her detective hat once again, determined to find the real killer.  She’s not thrilled about chasing another psychopath around, but she’ll do anything for a friend.  Lizzie’s love life is rapidly becoming a hot mess, too.  Her latest attempt at sleuthing isn’t leaving much time for her budding romance with town hunk Blake Morgan.  Add that to the fact she’s hiding a secret so big it could rock the very core of their relationship, it’s no wonder that Lizzie’s in a tizzy. 

Poor Lizzie ends up juggling a murder investigation, a wacky Wiccan coven, and two men vying for her attention—all while nursing injuries left over from the last time she decided to play Nancy Drew. It’s a good thing she always has a few tricks up her sleeve.

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About the Author:

CAROLINE FARDIG was born and raised in a small town in Indiana. Her working career has been rather eclectic thus far, with occupations including schoolteacher, church organist, insurance agent, funeral parlor associate, and stay-at-home mom. Finally realizing that she wants to be a writer when she grows up, Caroline is currently hard at work churning out more novels in the LIZZIE HART MYSTERIES series. She still lives in that same small town with an understanding husband, two sweet kids, two energetic dogs, and one malevolent cat.

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