Sunday, 22 November 2015

Police, Arrests & Suspects: The True Story of a Front Line OfficerPolice, Arrests & Suspects: The True Story of a Front Line Officer by John Donoghue
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“Donoghue, Donoghue, Donoghue…” You’ve gone and done it again. If you’re looking for something to lift your spirits, this author has the ability to tickle your funny bone until it hurts. Looking at the true life of a front line officer, Police, Arrests & Suspects is just as screamingly hilarious as John Donoghue’s other books: Police, Crime & 999, Police, Lies & Alibis and Shakespeare My Butt. I’ve spotted a few tweets and read reviews on this author’s books, where readers have claimed to be caught in the embarrassing situation of laughing out loud on public transport. Hands up! Guilty. I now have my official local transport looney badge. How Donoghue combines razor sharp wit with subtle delivery and superb timing leaves me in awe. His ability to communicate the less savoury side of everyday policing and the real danger response officers often face, making it obvious that they ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, only makes the book more compulsive reading. The recognisable traits of certain criminal types are genius. You can feel the despair emanating from the officers and see every roll of the eyes. The characterisation, along with the writing, is simply brilliant. The CBT incident (no spoilers) literally brought tears to my eyes – Ouch! – and the “killed myself in the mirror” line and the image that created will stay with me for a long time. There are many such nuggets of pure gold. I’m smiling as I type. If ever you spot someone laughing uncontrollably on a gloomy, grey day, ask them what they’re reading. I bet it’ll be John Donoghue. If they’re just looking as miserable as sin, recommend them a JD tonic. No, not the amber coloured stuff. In fact go one further, make a kindly donation to the humourless and buy them a John Donoghue book. Uniquely witty, eye-openingly informative and fabulously entertaining, I would highly recommend any one of them.


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Rest of My life, recommended by the WHSmith Travel Fiction Buyer and recently at #2 on the Amazon Top 100 Paid Women’s Romance Fiction Best Sellers List, has been shortlisted for the Love Stories Awards 2015!

To celebrate, I’m sharing a little Christmas cheer early by giving away a beautiful love bird key pendant and a FREE e-copy of any one of my other books. To be in with a chance of grabbing your prize, check out the #restofmylife Rafflecopter comp below.

As a special pre-Christmas treat, anyone leaving a review for the The Rest of My Life on Amazon is also welcome to choose an extra FREE e-copy of one of my other books. Simply message me on Twitter @sherylbrowne or Facebook with the Amazon link.

**Rafflecopter runs from November 11 to November 25. Please note: books to choose from are Somebody to Love, Warrant for Love, A Little Bit of Madness and Learning to Love. Sheryl’s Thrillers, The Edge of Sanity and Death Sentence, are available in exchange for an honest review**

The Rest of My Life
“You can’t run away from commitment forever … “

Adam Hamilton-Shaw has more reason than most to avoid commitment. Living on a houseboat in the Severn Valley, his dream is to sail into the sunset – preferably with a woman waiting in every port. But lately, his life looks more like a road to destruction than an idyllic boat ride…

Would-be screenplay writer Sienna Meadows realises that everything about Adam spells trouble – but she can’t ignore the feeling that there is more to him than just his bad reputation. Nor can she ignore the intense physical attraction that exists between them.

And it just so happens that Adam sees Sienna as the kind of woman he could commit to. But can he change his damaging behaviour – or is the road to destruction a one-way street?

A little message from me:

As some of you may know, I’ve had a bit of stressful year this year with my partner’s health issues. I would just like to say a HUGE thank you all those lovely people who have supported me and made my writing journey so worthwhile.

I hope all is well in your world.

GOOD LUCK and keep safe everyone!


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hi everyone, 

Well, what a mad few months. I might have mentioned the release of my contemporary romance THE REST OF MY LIFE from Choc Lit … once or twice. Did I also mention it reached the dizzying heights of #2 on the Amazon Top 100 Paid Women’s Romance Fiction Best Seller List? No? Oh. Well, I am a bit shy, y’know.

I am now super-pleased to share that The Rest of My Life has been shortlisted in the Best Romantic Ebook category for the Love Stories Awards 2015! Winners to be announced at the Love Stories Award event in London (please click on the Love Stories link to find details). As the Romantic Novelists’ Association Winter Party is also in London later that day, I’m seriously considering new shoes.  The cover for the book, designed by the uber-talented, Berni Stevens at Choc Lit, is also a semi-finalist at AuthorDatabase, Books & Top Charts. Finalists announced on 18th November. Wish us luck!

“You can’t run away from commitment forever … “

Needless to say, after a year that started quite stressfully due to my partner’s health problems, I am absolutely thrilled and immensely grateful for the support of readers, book bloggers and lovely members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and Love Stories Awards. I think 2015 may end slightly better than it started. Phew!

And in other news … my contemporary romance LEARNING TO LOVE has now been contracted! The book was also recommended to Choc Lit by the WH Smith Travel Fiction buyer who told me he loved it so much he took a quote from it. I think I owe the man big time and simply can’t thank him enough.
"Exploring the Fragility of Love, Life, and Relationships"

Bear with me – I can’t resist sharing a little reviewer feedback

Learning to Love is a romantic adventure novel dealing with loss of a loved one and betrayal, and does so in a manner that lifts it far above an average 'chick lit' romance. Amazon Reviewer

This book goes on my top ten reads of all time! Nikki’s Books4U

It’s about family, as beautifully chaotic as they can be, and it’s about overcoming the obstacles life throws your way and finding love in the right place. It’s an addictive, gorgeous read. 
Reviewed The Book

Finally, because I’m either passionate or bonkers (possibly the latter), I’m still hard at it, busy editing other books for submission at the request of Choc Lit and working hard on two new books: a contemporary romance and a psychological thriller. The sequel to Death Sentence (title suggested by a Chief Constable, no less) 'MANTRAP' comes soon! Watch this space!

"He's killed your child and kidnapped your wife. What would YOU do?"

Meanwhile, I have a GIVEAWAY!

If anyone is thinking of purchasing The Rest of My Life, now is your chance to grab a free copy of ANY OF MY OTHER BOOKS WHEN YOU DO! Simply send me proof of purchase via email, Twitter (@sherylbrowne) or my Website contact form and I will send you an e-copy of a book of your choice.

Thank you so much again to all those lovely people who have supported me and made my writing journey so worthwhile.

I hope all is well in your world.

GOOD LUCK and keep safe everyone!

Lots of Love,