Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Second Christmas WishA Second Christmas Wish by Kathryn Freeman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The cover of A Second Christmas Wish is just so deliciously tempting I defy anyone to resist peeking beneath. The prologue is equally tempting, giving a concise backdrop and a glimpse into Melissa’s marriage to the cold and psychologically controlling dark eyed, Lawrence. It’s beautifully written, one sentence in particular the man utters making you sympathetic to Melissa and her son immediately. Thus hooked, we move on two years to find Melissa now divorced and, not surprisingly, putting love and the hurt it will surely bring aside to dedicate her time to her son, William, who is frightened of his own father and dreadfully shy – no surprise there either.

In hopes of bringing William out of his shell, Melissa encourages him to take tennis lessons and we meet Daniel, a tennis coach, who is everything Lawrence isn’t, and hot to boot. He’s also a bit of a charmer, thus warned off flirting with Melissa. Daniel, however, is smitten and is determined to put a smile back on her face. The question is, can he? The bond between Daniel and William is magical, watching this little boy grow is as heartwarming as our first glimpse of him is heartbreaking. We so want the sparkle of Christmas to be rekindled for him. A Second Christmas Wish really is the perfect story in the run up to the festive season. Grab a copy, curl up and indulge.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

A quick update! I’m so super-pleased to share that Learning to Love has now hit 50 reviews! I was thrilled to bits that the book found a lovely home with Choc Lit. Beyond thrilled to find that people were reading it and genuinely loving it. I hope you’ll indulge me. I can’t resist sharing a snippet:
“This story was just perfect. It had times of poignancy and sadness; times of despair and heartache; times of love and lust; a time where the storyline gripped you so much that you couldn’t turn the pages quick enough. It also had some wonderful wit and humour thrown in to balance out the sad times.”  Thank you so much, Adele. I can’t tell you how much that means to be me. Um, actually, I think I already have! KRAFTIREADER
Another little gem: “Sheryl should be sponsored by Kleenex, this is a fab book which had tears running down my face.”
stencil.facebook-ad-carousel  6
Thank you, Tracey, for making me laugh out loud! Excellent therapy. The Reading Shed
LTL - Dr Ali

If you do read Learning to Love and enjoy, reviews are always tremendously appreciated.

I can’t wait for the print book to come out, scheduled for Easter 2017. Did I mention the WH Smith Travel Buyer loved it so much he took a quote from it? Yes, I did shed a little tear. I think I can definitely say the angst of the previous year is firmly behind me.

Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places …

Living in a small village like Hibberton, it’s expected that your neighbours help you in a time of need. But when Andrea Kelly’s house burns down, taking all her earthly possessions with it, it’s the distant and aloof Doctor David Adams – the person she would least expect – who opens his door not just to her, but to her three kids and slightly dotty elderly mother as well.
Andrea needs all the help she can get, dealing with aftermath of the fire and in the suspicious absence of her husband, Jonathan. But, as she gets to know David and his troubled son, Jake, she begins to realise that maybe they need her help as much as she needs theirs …
* Available on all platforms.
In other news, I now have three shiny new contracts for my thrillers! Coming soon from Choc Lit, including my new book, Sins of our Fathers! I’m busy plotting a sequel to that. To which end, I’ve signed up for a forensics course. Hopefully, it will update my knowledge and kick start my brain, which I think is possibly residing behind one of the kitchen cupboards I just installed in my kitchen. I’m a bit battered and bruised after that venture, but one happy little writer.
A huge THANK YOU to all those wonderful readers and Book Bloggers who have supported me. You're all amazing!
I hope all is well in your world.
Keep safe!
Lots of Love,


Monday, 19 September 2016

Please Release Me (Choc Lit)Please Release Me by Rhoda Baxter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Good looking and with bags of potential, Peter is a catch and Sally has snared him. He’s a bit nerdy, definitely naïve, but for a girl who’s determined to shake off her problematic and traumatic past, he’s perfect. Newlywed Sally is about to embark on a new, debt free life. Only she never makes it past the honeymoon, leaving Peter blaming himself for the car crash that results in her comatose state of existence. For info, the author has obviously done her research and the scenes in the hospice are handled extremely sensitively. As Sally hovers between life and death, Peter, too, is in a state of limbo, unable to move forward, unable to grieve the loss of someone who isn’t physically gone. As he keeps up a vigil at Sally’s bedside, Peter comes to know Grace, a volunteer at the hospice, who is attempting to move forward after the loss of her mother and helps Peter take tentative steps to do the same.

An attraction between these two lonely souls soon grows and Sally is having none of it. I’ll leave you to work it out. I’m desperate not to give spoilers but think ‘Ghost’ and ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ and you have it, but with a difference. I adored these two films and so too I adored Please Release Me. If at first you hate her, when Sally’s secrets are revealed, you can’t help but empathise with her and like her a little. A feisty ghost, a hurting hero, what’s not to love? Definitely recommended.

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Monday, 5 September 2016

The Woolworths GirlsThe Woolworths Girls by Elaine Everest
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When you pick up a book like The Woolworths Girls you’re looking a comfort read. I think most of us are aware that the ‘good old days’ weren’t quite so good, but what the author brings us is that magical sense of nostalgia for things past, perhaps things lost, a sense of family, of belonging and community spirit. Opening at the beginning of WWII, telling the story of three young girls setting out on an uncertain journey to adulthood, a journey made more daunting by the impending war, the story is based around Woolworths, a landmark in history, the go to shop for bits and bobs which you could rely on Woollies to stock. It can’t fail to resonate with people, young and old, those who might have shopped there, those who, like me, had mothers or grandmothers with barely ‘two pennies to rub together’, who would go to Woollies for everything from cheap lippy to laces. The central girls, Sarah, Freda and Maisie, win hearts immediately. Nervously attending interviews, we are given glimpses of just the right amount of beautifully concise backstory to have us totally invested in them. They’re from very different backgrounds, each with their own troubled secrets, and each with an innocence we want to preserve. We watch them bond, we watch them grow, we follow their trials and tribulations, from the seemingly trivial which are so important to girls of that age, to their adapting to the terrors that war brings. The secondary characters are cleverly drawn, making us want to share their stories too. Sarah’s grandmother, Ruby, whose home is where the heart is, is the linchpin, a stalwart of a woman who’s as determined the girls will have a square meal inside them as she is to protect them. I loved this book from the opening chapter, where ex-sailors from the Seaman’s Mission were singing Christmas carols in the snow. I loved the ending, where Sarah was taking new staff under her wing. I loved everything in between. If you love WWII reads, nostalgia in bucketfuls, a timely reminder of the hardship endured, and a smile along the way, The Woolworths Girls encapsulates it all. Highly recommended.

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

House of SecretsHouse of Secrets by Lynda Stacey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lynda Stacey delivers with House of Secrets, combining mystery, romance and enough perfectly timed psychological twists to keep you glued to the pages. Interspersed with quieter moments where we grow to know the characters, the pacing was spot on. In a nutshell, after the death of her husband Madeline falls too easily into a relationship with Liam, a man who is sweetness and light on the surface, underneath a manipulative control freak. Alarm bells are already ringing for Maddie, when the scales are finally peeled painfully from her eyes. Realising she’s in an abusive relationship which is detrimental to her little girl, Poppy, Maddie has to escape it. Her only safe harbour is back home to Wrea Hall, a hotel run by her estranged father, who welcomes her arrival.

Soon Poppy begins to blossom and be the girl she used to be. Throw into the mix ex-marine and handyman, Bandit, whose vulnerability is reflected in his backstory and who is instinctively protective of Maddie, and things could be on the up. Liam, though, a man we definitely love to hate, isn’t going to give up easily and allow Maddie her happy ending.

The historical element introduced here, when Maddie uncovers diaries written by a former mistress of Wrea Hall, lends and intriguing new dimension to the story. The diaries tell of secret tunnels and love that conquers, and draw an interesting parallel from the past to the present. While Maddie and Bandit are determined to resolve the mystery of the diaries, growing closer in the process, we have unbalanced Liam lurking in the shadows, prepared to go to any unimaginable lengths to get Maddie back.

Romance, intrigue, chills and thrills make House of Secrets a riveting read. I loved it.

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

You may have gathered from the fact that I’ve been putting myself about a bit, Learning to Love, my contemporary romance recommended to Choc Lit by WHSmith Travel Fiction Buyer, is here! 

I’m thrilled and hugely grateful to readers and book bloggers, who have given of their precious time and cheered me on endlessly. From sharing shelfies of The Rest of My Life in the WHSmith Travel Fiction stores:

 to reading my latest and posting some truly stunning reviews:

your support has been amazing. What would I do without you? THANK YOU!

As for the cover *sigh*, I cannot thank Berni Stevens and Choc Lit enough. Once again, Berni managed to pluck the image right out of my head. One extremely talented cover artist. Berni, you are a star!

To celebrate, I've joined a group of authors and The Kindle Book Review in the 4th July Giveaway. Winners will be announced on Independence Day! It's easy and fun. If you love reading, click the image below to enter for your chance to win one of four $50 Amazon gift cards! The comp runs from 20th June to 4th July.

Sometime help comes from the most unlikely places ...
Living in a small village like Hibberton, it’s expected that your neighbours help you in a time of need. But when Andrea Kelly’s house burns down, taking all her earthly possessions with it, it’s the distant and aloof Doctor David Adams – the person she would least expect – who opens his door not just to her, but to her three kids and slightly dotty elderly mother as well.

Andrea needs all the help she can get, dealing with aftermath of the fire and the suspicious absence of her husband, Jonathan. But, as she gets to know David and his troubled son, Jake, she begins to realise that maybe they need her help as much as she needs theirs … 

Thank you so much once again to all those readers, book bloggers and reviewers, who have made my writing journey so worthwhile.

I hope all is well in your world.

GOOD LUCK and keep safe everyone! 

Lots of love, 


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Annie's Book Corner: Review of Learning to Love by Sheryl Browne - Five...: Review of Learning to Love by Sheryl Browne - Five ** Blurb: Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places …  Living in a small vi...


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Welcome Author and Chick Lit Goddess, Isabella Louise Anderson! Isabella’s here to share her gorgeous cover for Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop!

Isn't it just divine?

As the owner of a successful florist shop, Khloe Harper trusts her instincts. She has a strong bond with her family and friends, but after being betrayed by her last love, she's kept herself at arms’ length from romance. When dashing entertainment attorney Derek Thomas walks into her store, Khloe’s interested is piqued. What at first seems like a business relationship quickly turns into romance, and Derek slowly plucks away the petals she’s been hiding behind. Just as Khloe lets down her guard, she discovers that Derek may not be worthy of her love after all...
Frumpy Connie Albright has a faux fascination with an imaginary man named Walt, sending herself flowers from him to feel less out-of-place with the “mean girls” she works with. Gabby Lewis, a recently widowed senior, isn't ready to give up on love—which means releasing herself from survivor's guilt and taking a chance on finding happiness and companionship again.
As these stories intertwine through flowers and cards sent from Khloe's shop, the three women begin to learn that love can only truly blossom when you trust your heart.

Author Bio:
Isabella grew up with a book in her hand, and to this day nothing has changed. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and has been featured on several blogs. While Isabella doesn’t blog a lot, she focuses her time on featuring other writers, along with working on her next book.

She created Chick Lit Goddess to share the love of the following genres: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Romance, and Romantic Comedies!  She loves featuring authors and their books, and has a book business, Goddess Book Tours.
Currently, she lives in Dallas with her husband. She enjoys spicy Mexican food and drinking margaritas, and can be found spending time with family and friends, cheering on the Texas Rangers, and reading.

Isabella’s short story, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, was featured in Simon & Fig’s Christmas anthology, Merry & Bright, in November 2013. The Right Design is her first novel.

Author Contacts:
Chick Lit Goddess Website:
Isabella on Facebook
Chick Lit Goddess on Facebook
Isabella on Twitter @ILA121209
Chick Lit Goddess on Twitter @ChickLitGoddess
Snapchat username: mrsanderson1981

Find the books:

Thank you, Isabella. I adore the cover. Absolute best of luck!


Sunday, 29 May 2016

Welcome Anneli Purchase. I’m showing off Anneli’s beautiful new cover for Orion’s Gift, which I must say looks hugely intriguing. Anneli’s here to share a little bit more about it.

 Thanks to Anita B. Carroll’s design skills, you can now judge a book by its cover,

Sylvia, our California girl, is walking away (from her old life), but she looks enticing enough for Kevin, her new love interest, to follow her. Actually, he did say he’d follow her anywhere—and he does.

But will it be enough? Does our California girl trust him? Can she ever trust anyone again after what she’s been through? Can he convince her that they can make it together?

But neither of them know that characters from their old life are catching up with them, and their pursuers have less than noble intentions.
Orion’s Gift will keep you turning pages.

Excerpt from Orion’s Gift:

Sylvia is driving the Baja Peninsula. It’s the day before she meets Kevin, her new love interest. Her van has a flat tire. She is alone (with only Annie, her mascot doll, hanging from the curtain rod) on the empty Baja highway.

Heatwaves rose from the pavement as far as I could see in either direction. It was unlikely that anyone would be coming along, but to be safe, I set up my emergency triangles. I didn’t want to get creamed by a crazy driver. And what about those bandidos Rose had told me about? A shiver of fear passed through me. I should hurry up and get this tire changed. I couldn’t shake off the creepy feeling. Don’t be so paranoid, I told myself. All the same, I placed my bear spray on the passenger seat.
Clumsily, I inserted the jack handle and turned it to raise the car. The van started to roll. I grabbed the nearest rock and put it behind the back wheel. I put one more behind each of the other wheels and pulled on the emergency brake. Then I raised the van again. I tried to loosen the wheel nuts. The tire spun around. I lowered the van a bit till the tire barely touched the ground. Better. It was trial and error, but I was learning. I raised the van a tiny bit again, got the old tire off, and rolled the spare over. As I fitted the spare onto the bolts, a compact car with a noisy muffler rattled up behind me and stopped.
A young Mexican in scruffy jeans and a black shirt jumped out. “Hola!” he said. “You need help?” He was alone.
“Thanks. I’m almost done.” Where was he when I needed him ten minutes ago?
Permítame. Manuel Hernandez will do it for you.” He shoved me aside. The push was harder than the friendly nudge of a man saying, “Step aside, honey, and let a man do that.” I didn’t like it, and my fluttering stomach warned me to be careful. But he was already tightening the nuts on the wheel. The job was finished.
I took the jack and wrench from him and put them into the van through the open sliding door. As I turned my back to him, he laughed and said, “And now, pretty señorita, I will take my thank you.”
His grip on my arm sent adrenaline rushing to my knees. I thought they had turned to jelly. Thoughts of Mario and his unwanted attentions flashed through my head. No one was around to save me this time. I smiled and said, “Ah sí, momento. Mi bolsa.” With my free arm, I reached for the front seat. I hoped he would think I was getting my purse. The bear spray hit him full in the face. He spun away backwards and roared with outrage, filling the quiet desert air with Spanish obscenities. Recovering slightly, he staggered towards me cursing and batting at me blindly. I gave him a shove and another spray. While he lay in the ditch shrieking and gasping and moaning, I ran to his car and took the keys out of the ignition. Then I slammed shut the van’s side door, jumped into the driver’s seat, and locked all the doors. “You can have your keys back,” I shouted at him. “I’ll drop them on the road one mile from here.”
He lurched to his feet and yelled. He shook his fist at me, and staggered in my direction. As he slammed his fist into the side of the van, I punched the gas pedal. The tires squealed on the hot pavement. My hands were shaking so badly I could hardly steer.
“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Calm down, calm down.” I glanced at Annie. She wouldn’t panic. But I wasn’t Annie. “I should never have come here alone.” I babbled incoherently, aware of what I was doing but unable to stop.

About Anneli Purchase:

Anneli Purchase has more hobbies and projects than she can pursue in one lifetime, but of them all, writing takes priority. Traveling, camping, fishing, gardening, mushroom picking, and birdwatching are her preferred pastimes when she is not writing. Anneli has lived on Vancouver Island, Canada, for most of her life. The island provides everything she needs for the activities she enjoys.


You can buy Orion’s Gift from

To find out more about Anneli Purchase and her books visit:

Twitter: @anneli33



Monday, 23 May 2016

I Don't Want To Talk About It

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Don’t Want to Talk About it delivers a romance with all of the poignancy you would expect from a Choc Lit read. The title is perfect for this story, which looks at loss and love, the impact of grief on our lives and relationships and our ability to deal with it. Peppered with the perfect amount of humour to make it uplifting, as well as heart breaking, it tells the story of a successful author, who might just be in danger of becoming a one hit wonder if she can’t knuckle down and meet the deadline for her second book. Matters are complicated by the fact that her editor is also now her ex-boyfriend. How could Winter Gregory not break it off with a man who would make her choose between him and her twin sister? There is more to this than meets the eye is all I will say on that subject. You need to read it. Opening in a graveyard …? Uplifting, I hear you ask. Oh yes. As soon as eight-year old Scarlet appears on the scene, with Light Bulb, her very real ‘hobby’ horse and a cherished connection to her lost mother, you can’t help but smile and be as drawn in as Winter was.

The use of social media as a form of communication is extremely clever, allowing us to come to know Alex through his emails and twitter messages. Alex’s grief and guilt over the loss of his sister has manifested itself physically. Alex, Scarlet’s uncle and now her guardian, has developed a stammer, meaning he is not always able to verbalise well and causing Scarlet more problems at school than being a motherless child. Alex is one of the good guys, we feel. How can Winter not be drawn to him? Similarly, through Dan’s emails, we come to see a softer side of the ex-boyfriend. The reference to the epitaphs carved on headstones I found touching and equally clever, giving us glimpses into Winter’s inner character.

To say more would definitely be the classic spoiler. Jane Lovering has given us a heroine who is strong yet vulnerable, defensive, yet caring. Definitely identifiable with, as are all the characters, including Alex’s initially annoying mother. ‘I Don’t Want to Talk About it’ is written, as mentioned, with humour and huge sensitivity. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. Perfect escapism, yet real.

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Welcome, June Moonbridge! I’m delighted to have June join me to share a little about her wonderful book All That the Heart Desires.

At twenty-five, Desire Hart has experienced enough grief for a lifetime.

Changing everything in her life - her identity, her hometown and her country of residence, Desire is determined that nothing will prevent her achieving from finding her missing son. Not even love.

On a spring evening, she meets the golden boy of F1 racing, Lorcan Shore, and finds herself falling for him. Struggling to suppress her feelings, she realises he could help her get closer to the child she believes is her long lost son.

But nothing goes according to plan. Her identity is revealed by the press, Lorcan has a terrifying accident, and the trail to her son finishes in another dead end. So Desire does what she does best - she runs away.

Set against the glamorous backdrops of Monaco, Paris and Nice, ‘All That the Heart Desires’ mixes romance and mystery as Desire struggles to come to terms with her past.
Will she allow herself to accept love into her life again?

A little bit about June:

My real name is Petra Rovere and I come from Slovenia, a tiny little country in the middle of Europe. 
I studied economics although it was not my primary interest and I quickly realised I truly hated it. After the study, I found myself working in mainly male-dominated businesses; at first in the automotive and currently in the steel industry. I can choose the best steel for your needs, but don't, please don't, ask me which lipstick brand you should use.
I started to write in high school and was criticised by my Slovene teacher. Stubborn as I am, that didn't stop me. Under different pen names, I had stories published in magazines, and there my first publisher found me and together we published three books in my language under the pen name Eri Krt.
After having two children, and learning that my second child has autism, I married their father and carried on working. Work and family life left me with little free time. But the desire to write didn't die. When life somehow sorted itself out, I decided to write a novel in English and it was accepted by Safkhet Publishing. Racing Heart was published on 1st July 2015, but I reverted my author’s rights on the novel on 8th April 2016. 
Love the cover, June! 
I've already had the pleasure of reading All That the Heart Desires. I'll be posting my review soon, Meanwhile, here's a little snippet - no spoilers, promise! 
Set against a backdrop of the millionaires' playground of Monte Carlo, this is a compelling story reminding us that our past, and the people we hold dearest, is what shapes us. It’s a story about trust. Trusting our own instincts, but also letting go the fear and allowing ourselves to trust someone to be careful with our hearts. Compelling, intriguing and clearly well-researched, All That the Heart Desires is a book I would recommend. I loved it. 
Find out more about June:
Twitter @Jmoonbridge


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Welcome, Nicole Evelina! I’m delighted to have Nicole join me to share a little about her award winning book, Been Searching For You!


Annabeth is a hopeless romantic who believes in soul mates. In fact, she’s been writing to hers each year on her birthday since she was 16.

Now, at 34, she’s still holding out hope of finding Mr. Right even though he’d be fighting an uphill battle to gain her trust, thanks to a traumatic experience years before that’s left her unable to commit.

When Annabeth meets a handsome literature professor named Alex on her 34th birthday, she thinks her quest may finally be at an end. Things don’t quite go as planned, so Annabeth resolves to do everything she can over the next year to find the unknown recipient of her letters.  But blind dates, Meetup events and online singles sites have nothing on what fate has in store for her when a co-worker unexpectedly quits and Annabeth finds herself working in close quarters with both Alex and her long ago ex, Nick. Fighting her attraction to one and loathing for the other, Annabeth is forced to face all of her old insecurities while keeping an eye on a scheming frienemy who may derail her hopes and dreams.

Written in the tradition of Bridget Jones' Diary, Kim Gruenfelder’s A Total Waste of Makeup, and Melissa Pimental’s Love By The Book, it shows that love on the sweet side can exist for the modern girl, if only she’s willing to trust herself and search hard enough.

Been Searching for You was the winner of the 2015 Romance Writers of America Great Expectations and Golden Rose contests.

Author Bio:

Nicole Evelina is an award-winning historical fiction and romantic comedy writer. Her current novel, Been Searching for You, a romantic comedy, won the 2015 Romance Writers of America (RWA) Great Expectations and Golden Rose contests.

She also writes historical fiction. Her debut novel, Daughter of Destiny, the first book of an Arthurian legend trilogy that tells Guinevere’s life story from her point of view, took first place in the legend/legacy category of the 2015 Chatelaine Awards for Women’s Fiction/Romance, and was short-listed for the Chaucer Award for Historical Fiction. Later this year, she will release Madame Presidentess (July 25), a historical novel about Victoria Woodhull, America's first female Presidential candidate, which was the first place winner in the Women’s US History category of the 2015 Chaucer Awards for Historical Fiction.

Nicole is one of only six authors who completed a week-long writing intensive taught by #1 New York Times bestselling author Deborah Harkness. Nicole has traveled to England twice to research the Guinevere’s Tale trilogy, where she consulted with internationally acclaimed author and historian Geoffrey Ashe, as well as Arthurian/Glastonbury expert Jaime George, the man who helped Marion Zimmer Bradley research The Mists of Avalon.

Nicole is a member of and book reviewer for the The Historical Novel Society, and Sirens (a group supporting female fantasy authors), as well as a member of the Historical Writers of America, Women’s Fiction Writers Association, Romance Writers of America, the St. Louis Writer’s Guild, Women Writing the West, Broad Universe (promoting women in fantasy, science fiction and horror), Alliance of Independent Authors and the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Contact info:

Purchase Link:


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Well it’s been a mad few months and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to all those lovely people who have supported me and helped me get my book out there! The Rest of My Life, shortlisted for the Lovestories Awards and now available in WHSmith Travel, has had some really fabulous reviews – a little snippet from Lovereading UK’s gorgeous review below, where the book is a Recommended Buy and Read. You can read the whole review here.

The Rest of My Life is also new and notable on Kobo and has just been nominated for the illustrious RONE Award contemporary steamy category at InD’tale Magazine. If you would like to vote, please feel free to click on the link. RONE2016 Needless to say it would be hugely appreciated.

In other news, Learning to Love is almost here! The official release date is June 14 (you can pre-order HERE) and I’m absolutely delighted to now be able to reveal the cover!

Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places …
Living in a small village like Hibberton, it’s expected that your neighbours help you in a time of need. But when Andrea Kelly’s house burns down, taking all her earthly possessions with it, it’s the distant and aloof Doctor David Adams – the person she would least expect – who opens his door not just to her, but to her three kids and slightly dotty elderly mother as well.
Andrea needs all the help she can get, dealing with aftermath of the fire and in the suspicious absence of her husband, Jonathan. But, as she gets to know David and his troubled son, Jake, she begins to realise that maybe they need her help as much as she needs theirs … 

Isn’t the cover utterly stunning? I can’t thank Berni Stevens and Choc Lit enough. I just adore it.

That’s it! News to follow soon regarding my thrillers, The Edge of Sanity, Death Sentence, and Sins of the Fathers. It’s early days yet but I think they have found a safe home. Fingers crossed!

Thank you again to all those wonderful readers and Book Bloggers who have supported me every step of the way. I could not do this without you!

Keep safe!

Lots of love,


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Welcome, Jessica Goodwin! I’m delighted to have Jessica join me for news of her book launch!
'Clarissa Jean, Homecoming Queen’ is now available on Kindle!


When Claire Bradshaw decides to end her dead-end relationship of several years, she only has one place to go - back home to the tiny town of Palmetto Park. Claire keeps bumping into people from her past as she struggles to shake her "better than everybody" reputation, make peace with her enemies, and even attempts to rekindle an old flame. Claire gets to know her old friends all over again and gets to know more about herself as she starts over - right back where it all started.

Author bio:

Jessica Goodwin lives in northern Virginia near Washington, DC with her husband, son, and their two cats. She likes cookies, coffee, and anything that sparkles. If she could have any animal for a pet, it would be a T-Rex. She loves experimenting in the kitchen, going wine tasting, singing in the shower, and taking pictures of the baby. 

Two of Goodwin's books, 'Here We Go' and 'The One Who Got Away' have been on the Amazon bestseller list. In March 2012, her third book, 'One of the Guys,' received an Honorable Mention in Sapphire Star Publishing's Month of Romance contest. These titles were originally published on Amazon under her former name, Jessica Strassner, but have been rereleased under the name Jessica Goodwin. 

Goodwin's newest novel, 'Clarissa Jean, Homecoming Queen,' is now available on Kindle!

Goodwin is also a mom blogger with work appearing on Scary Mommy, Baby Gaga, and Mommy Effect. She hopes to someday write a humorous parenting memoir. 

Visit for more information.

Contact Links:

Buy Link:


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What Doesn't Kill YouWhat Doesn't Kill You by Laura E. James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark Choc Lit. What a wonderfully enticing name for Choc Lit’s new imprint, and the first book in that imprint by Laura E James delivers exactly what I wanted it to, a story with romance at the core, but with complex, hard-hitting threads, running right through it. The author has bravely tackled subjects such as abuse and the devastating impact of living in a dysfunctional, controlling relationship can have, not just on the victim of the abuse, but on the children, which leads us to what might be called ‘teenage’ issues around identity and image. That said, the story is written with huge sensitivity, teenager Tess telling her story in first person. Her pain is palpable, as is her natural instinct to protect her mother, Evie, recently remarried to Griff. The romance aspect is strong. I immediately fell in love with Griff, a good, caring man, whose mission in life is to save people. Griff has suffered loss. He’s also carrying guilt over the death of a friend and Evie knows he could never condone someone wanting to end their own life. Thus the reason for their estrangement. As the story opens, Griff is living apart from the woman he loves, a woman he feels still loves him, and he has no idea why they're separated. Evie cares for his estranged and ill father, and she’s carrying a secret, a heavy burden she knows Griff simply won’t be able to deal with. The beauty of this book is that you are invested in the characters from outset, absolutely, including man’s best friend (no spoilers but there’s an emotional scene around Griff’s dog where you can feel Griff’s heart breaking). You really, really, want it to work out between Griff and Evie, at times you want to shout, ‘tell him!’, but you question with the moral dilemma whether it can. ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’, set in coastal Dorset where you can almost taste the salt from the sea spray, does deal with dark issues, but it’s real. It’s also uplifting because of those very issues. It’s a story of hope. A story of emotional growth. It’s compelling and beautifully written. I loved it.


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Fancy a double Choc Lit Treat?

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